Microsoft Azure


Applications created with Microsoft Azure support single sign-on and can be used to sign in to Labii.

Setup Labii SSO with OneLogin

To use Microsoft Azure as your IdP to connect with Labii:

  1. Create an application. Please make sure to select Non-gallery.

  2. Once created, go to the application and select Single sign-on on the left panel. Click SAML as the SSO method.

  3. Basic SAML Configuration:

    1. Identifier (Entity ID) -> Copy and paste Entity Id from Labii

    2. Reply URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL) -> Copy and paste Acs Url from Labii

  4. Update the Attribution Map in Labii: {

    "email": "",

    "username": "",

    "last_name": "",

    "first_name": ""


  5. Update Metadata Auto Conf Url in Labii with App Federation Metadata Url from Azure or, update the Metadata Xml in Labii with the content from Federation Metadata XML downloaded at Azure

  6. Update Idp Logout Url in Labii with Logout URL from Azure

  7. For the Idp Login Url in Labii, the Login URL from Azure DOES NOT work. Please goes to Properties -> Copy the User access URL and update the Idp Login Url in Labii with the User access URL.

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