Labii plan type


Labii's services are accessed through various subscription plans that organizations can choose from. The subscription tab in Labii displays the details of the plan selected by the organization, including the plan type (Free, Trial, Professional, PPU), the number of accounts, start and end dates, invoices, and whether it has been archived.

Scroll down on the side menu > Settings > Subscriptions

Types of Plans


Labii offers a range of subscription plans to suit the different needs of research labs. One such plan is the Free plan, which allows users to explore and test all of the functionalities that Labii has to offer. This plan is ideal for those who are on a limited budget, or who simply want to test the platform without generating too much data. With the Free plan, users can make unlimited configuration changes, but there are limitations on collaboration and data generation.


For those who want to fully experience Labii's capabilities, the Trial plan is highly recommended. This plan allows users to test all of the functionalities, including unlimited table configuration, inviting colleagues, and creating records. With a free 14-day trial period, users can explore the platform with real data and evaluate its usefulness for their research needs. After one year, users are eligible for another trial, making it a flexible and convenient option.


The Professional plan is designed for labs that primarily use Labii for Electronic Lab Notebooks. This plan has limitations on customization and table creation, but it allows for collaboration and limitless experiment notes, protocols, and files. If your lab only needs to replace paper notebooks or Google Docs, the Professional plan is the best option.


For labs that require more than just Electronic Lab Notebooks, the Enterprise plan is the most popular choice. This plan allows users to use Labii for ELN, Inventory Manager, LIMS, and much more. With customized tables for each type of research data generated, the Enterprise plan offers unlimited capabilities for standardizing research data management.

Pay Per Use (PPU)

Labii also offers a Pay Per Use (PPU) plan, which is not subscription-based. With PPU, users only pay for the data they generate and the widgets they use, making it a cost-effective option for small teams.

Dedicated Servers

Labii also offers additional services to cater to the needs of its customers. One such service is the provision of dedicated servers, which can be set up and managed in the customer's preferred location. The dedicated server includes individual virtual private clouds (VPCs), databases, domains, IP addresses, and other hardware infrastructure hosted on AWS. This service is ideal for companies that require greater control and security over their data and infrastructure.

Source Code Escrow

Another service offered by Labii is Source Code Escrow. This service involves depositing the source code of software with a third-party escrow agent. This helps to reduce customer risk by ensuring that the source code is accessible in case of unforeseen events such as bankruptcy, acquisition, or other situations that could lead to the discontinuation of support for the software. While source code licensing does not eliminate all risks, it can dilute those risks and help facilitate a speedy recovery when the worst happens.

Dedicated Support

Labii also offers dedicated support services to ensure that customers receive the assistance they need when using the platform. The customer support team provides quick response times, fast resolutions, and friendly service. With a sophisticated and comprehensive system for professionals, Labii has developed a set of toolsets to streamline the process of getting assistance.

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