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Labii defines an Organization as a representation of a biotech/pharmaceutical company, academic lab, department, or university that utilizes Labii's platform or licenses its technology. Each Organization is considered a Labii customer and is entirely responsible for the costs incurred from using the Labii platform or licensing its code or technology.

A single company can create one or more Organizations on labii.com. The same email can be added to multiple Organizations, but each Organization is considered a separate account and is responsible for the costs incurred by all of its users. In other words, if an email is added to two different Organizations, both Organizations must pay for the user's subscription fee or pay-per-use fee.

It's important to note that data cannot be shared between different Organizations. If multiple Organizations are created, a specific function can be used to access data within each Organization.

To switch an organization:

Scroll down on the side menu > Settings > Switch Organization

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