Calendar events and scheduling


Calendar and scheduling functions enable you to manage events for experimentation and the scheduling for equipment.


Calendar is a widget to display a calendar into your records. For some experiments that are very complex and need multiple days to finish, Calendar can be used to manage these activities.

Add event

An event can be added in two ways:
  1. 1.
    Select a time range in the calendar and then fill in the event details.
  2. 2.
    Click Add event to add an event.

Edit event

Click an event and to edit the event at the pop-out.

Delete event

Click an event and then click Delete to delete an event.


Labii ELN & LIMS can be used to manage the equipment for the maintenance processes like calibration, routine maintenance, sterilization, sanitization, etc. The Scheduling widget enables you to schedule equipment that makes utilization attributable to the person or department using the equipment.
The resource to schedule is the current record, it can be equipment, a machine, a greenhouse, etc. The name of the resource is displayed on the top. The Scheduling widget still provides the month, week, and day view. The length of the step is not set, which means the user can book whatever time range during the scheduling.

Add scheduling

Similar to the Calendar widget, the scheduling can be added via either select a time range or click the Add scheduling button. The only difference is that instead of requiring the tile of an event, the Scheduling widget requires the user name. The widget will fill your name in default. You can also change the name to someone else if you are the equipment manager.

Edit scheduling

Click a scheduling or event to edit the scheduling.

Delete scheduling

If you made a mistake or no longer need the scheduling, you can delete it via first click the scheduling, and then click the Delete button.
Note: this is the first version of the scheduling, please contact [email protected] if you need more features.
Last modified 1yr ago