Display the detail of columns


Columns are a set of widgets that displays the data of columns.
Labii ELN & LIMS provides these widgets to display columns:
Display the detail of columns
Display the detail of metadata


Labii ELN & LIMS (Electronic Lab Notebook and Laboratory Information Management System) allows custom columns for each table. The ColumnsView displays all the columns of a record, this can be used for creating reports.
The interface of the Column displays the value of each attribution/column in rows. The gray text indicates read-only values.

Configure column

Base on your requirements, the column can be configured with these settings:
  • Record - which records to display, default to self
  • Version - which version to display. Leave it empty to use the most recent version. When the record is signed and if the version is not selected, the newest version will be assigned.
  • Hidden Fields - select a list of fields to hide
  • Display - how should the columns be displayed.
    • Table - Display as a table
    • Columns - Display the data in columns
  • Density - how much space do you want to include
    • Default
    • Compact - reduced padding space
  • Minimize header - minimize the header during the display

Edit value

Click the edit icon next to each row to edit a value.
Edit value in Column
The edit icon will be disappeared on the records that locked from editing.


Metadata is "data information that provides information about other data". Metadata is a widget allows users to display the metadata of a record.

Add metadata

Click Add Metadata to add metadata. Each metadata contains a label and a value. There is no particular type of limit to the values.

Edit metadata

Click the edit icon next to metadata to edit metadata.

Delete metadata

Click the delete icon next to metadata to delete a metadata