Record List

Display list of records


The Record List widget is a series of widgets developed in order to display a list of records within a particular section of the site. As a result of this feature, you can display a list of vials of a sample in your report, or you can include a list of chemicals on your report as well.

Custom fields

You can customize which fields are displayed in the widgets. Click Edit settings and choose a list of fields to display. The name field will always be included.

Open list view

A list of records can be displayed in the list view by clicking on the Open list view button.

Supported widgets

Record List

The Record List widget displays a list of predefined records. Select one or more records to display.
  • Table - Select a table from which to limit the records. You can only select records from this table.
  • Records - Select one or more records.
  • Fields - Fields of the table to display. The name field will always be included.

Record List by ForeignKey

This widget is previously known as the Backlink.
When Record A references Record B with a ForeignKey or ForeignKeys column, how can you tell A is referencing B when viewing B's details? Or, if Sample A has a column "location" and refers to Location B, how do you find out which samples are in Location B?
This is exactly what Backlink is designed for. It displays a list of records that have ForeignKey or ForeignKeys columns pointing to this record.

Before start

Backlink widget requires three fields to be defined and provided before it can be used. Click Edit settings to update the following fields.
  • Table, the table of the record you want to display.
  • Column, the ForeignKey or ForeignKeys column referenced to this record. When the table changes, the column options changes automatically.
  • Fields, other fields to display. On default, the name of the record will be displayed.

View records

The name of the record and the selected fields are displayed in a list. Backlinks display items similarly to list views, but only selected fields are displayed.

Add record

Add blank record

You can add a new record directly linked to the current record by clicking "Add [Table Name]". This form is identical to the one for adding a record.

Add records in bulk

You can add multiple records simultaneously using the "Add records in bulk". Learn more.

Import records

To import lists of records in bulk, click "Import records". Imported records will be assigned directly to the current record.

Record List by Query

Using this widget, you can display a list of records based on a predefined query. Furthermore, the widget allows you to display results based on a particular filter.
  • Table - Select a table that has columns referred to this record as the value of ForeignKey or ForeignKeys.
  • Filter - Select a filter. The query will be updated once selected.
  • Query - Display a limited list of records by configuring the query.
  • Fields - Fields of the table to display. The name field will always be included.