The category of Email for widgets encompasses a diverse range of tools and functionalities designed to streamline and enhance email-related tasks.


The category of Email for widgets encompasses a diverse range of tools and functionalities designed to streamline and enhance email-related tasks. These widgets are tailored to cater to various aspects of email management, communication, and productivity. They often include features such as email composition and sending, inbox organization, email tracking, scheduling, and integration with popular email platforms. Additionally, the widgets may offer advanced capabilities like email automation, spam filtering, contact management, and analytics to help users optimize their email workflows. The Email category of widgets aims to simplify and optimize the overall email experience, enabling users to efficiently handle their messages and boost productivity in a seamless and user-friendly manner.

Email Template

The Email Template widget is a versatile tool designed to simplify email composition and distribution by saving predefined email content as reusable templates. This widget allows users to create templates with customizable fields, including "to," "cc," "bcc," "subject," and "body," enabling quick and convenient personalization for different recipients and purposes.

With the Send function integrated with Gmail and the user's email client, the Email Template widget streamlines the process of sending emails. Users can select a saved template, fill in the required fields, and send the email directly from the widget, eliminating the need for repetitive typing and ensuring consistent messaging across communications.

Furthermore, the Email Template widget offers a Copy function, enabling users to generate a shareable link for the template. This link can be used in other applications, allowing easy access to the template without the need for installing the widget in multiple locations. This feature is particularly beneficial for CRM, as team members can use the shared link to access and utilize the same templates for their communications.

The Email Template widget also has the capability to send the message as a Notification. This feature allows you to effortlessly create notification templates.

In essence, the Email Template widget empowers users with time-saving capabilities by providing preconfigured email templates with adjustable fields and seamless integration with popular email clients. Its Copy function enhances collaboration and accessibility, making it a valuable asset for optimizing email productivity and communication efficiency.


The Notifications widget represents an upgraded version of the Emails widget, specifically tailored for efficient management and distribution of notifications related to a record. Its primary purpose is to facilitate seamless communication among team members through sending and receiving notifications via email. The widget serves as a powerful tool for staying informed and updated on various aspects of a project or process.

Using the Notifications widget, team members can easily send important notifications to relevant parties, including leads and customers. This feature ensures smooth and timely communication, enhancing collaboration and fostering stronger relationships with clients.

Adding Notifications

To add a notification, simply click the "+ Notification" button within the widget interface. By default, the widget will associate the notification with the current record. For more details on the available fields for notification configuration, refer to the Notifications page.


The Inbox tab provides a comprehensive list of received notifications. The displayed information includes the sender's identity, the notification's name, and the date it was received. For a closer look at a specific notification, click on the "Name" link to access its detailed content.


In addition to the Inbox, the Notifications widget also offers a "Sent" tab, granting easy access to all previously sent notifications. This section serves as a sent box, allowing users to keep track of the notifications they have shared.

Deleting Notifications

When necessary, users can remove a notification by clicking the "Delete" icon associated with the respective notification. This action permanently removes the notification from the system.

We recommend exploring the Notifications widget for an enhanced experience in managing and communicating crucial updates seamlessly. For further information on its features and functionalities, please refer to the detailed documentation on the Notifications page.

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