Column type widgets

General introduction of column type widgets


Column type widgets are used to modify/display the data for a cell in the table. It is somehow similar to the data type in Mysql. They are used to handle structured data.
The column type widget can be added similar to the section type widget. It has to be configured first for each table before using it. All records created for a table will have the same column widgets. See here for more details on how to configure column widgets.

Add column

Please see here for how to add a column.

How to use

Edit value

When created, the cell value can be modified by clicking the "edit" icon. A corresponding form will be displayed, click "Submit" to update the value.

Additional functions

Some widgets come with additional functions. Click the icon next to it to run the functions.

Batch actions

Most of the column type widgets supports the batch actions in updating data. See here for more details.
All function are widget specific, some widgets do not allow any type of input, it will calculate the value based on existing data.

Widget list

See here for a list of column widgets.