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An organization at Labii represents a biotech/pharmaceutical company, an academic lab, department or university. An organization is the customer of Labii and is entirety responsible for the cost that generated in using Labii platform or licensing Labii code or technology.

One company can create one or more Organizations at One same email can be added to multiple organizations. Each organization is an individual account and is responsible for the cost of all it's users (In other words, if a email is added to two different organizations, both organizations have to pay for the users subscription fees or pay per use fee). Please note the data can not be shared between two organizations.

STOP: If you are joining an existing company, please check with your account administrators and ask them to add you.

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  • Your account at [Your Organization Name]: This email indicates you have been added to the organization. A link of the organization home page is included.

IMPORTANT: The Link to set up your password will expire in 30 minutes. If expired, use Forget Password to reset your password.


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If you did not receive such email, please double check your spam, or double check with your administrators, they might added the the wrong email address.

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Please make sure you clicked the RESET PASSWORD link within 30 minutes. For security reasons, the link will be expired in 30 minutes.