Add Record
Add new record to Labii


A record refers to an experiment, a protocol, a file, in Labii Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) and Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). Labii has developed many methods to smooth your user's experiments in creating records.

Add from form vs. Add directly

Different records need to be added in different ways based on different requirements. In the ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook), an entry is usually created directly. A record can be created quickly this way. For LIMS or Inventory Management, where several attributions need to be collected before creating a record, a form must be filled out before the record can be created.
The administrators can control how a record is added by updating the should_add_from_form in the table settings (Settings -> Table -> Select a table). To ensure the user fills out a form before a record is created, set the value to true. Set the value to false to create a record without completing the form.

Four ways to add a record

In Labii, a new record can be added to a table in three ways:
  • Add a blank record. It will create a blank record without any data.
  • Add a record from a template or duplicate a record. To reduce repetitive work, a template can be used to create a similar record. The created record will contain the same data (columns, sections, notes, signers) as the template.
  • Add a record from one or many local files. In some tables, the record you create is a simple container of files, so you can use this method to upload files and create a record at the same time. The uploaded files will be inserted directly into the record's sections/notes.
  • Import records. By using the import function, multiple records can be generated simultaneously.