Add a blank record

Add a blank experiment or sample

Labii interface provides many ways to add a new record. Choose a method that is convenient for you based on which page you are when using Labii.

Add from side menu

  1. Click the Add button in the side menu.

  2. Select a table name in the list. The search box can be used to restrict the list of tables displayed.

  3. The newly created record should be opened directly.

Add from project list view

When you click a Project / Folder and at the Project List View, you can add any type of table from the navigation bar.

By clicking the "+ Add" button, you will see the same interface as "Add from side menu".

Add from table list view

In the Table List View, you can add a new record from the nav bar.

  1. Click the "Add [Table name]" button

  2. A dropdown menu will be opened. Select "+ Blank [Table name]". Depending on your "Add from form vs. Add directly" settings, a form will be displayed or a record will be directly created.

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