Add a record from a template

Use template to reduce repetitive work.

To reduce repetitive work, a template can be used to create a similar record. The created record will contain the same data (columns, sections, notes, signers) as the template.

Add from a template does not work for the files table.

Add from side menu

  1. Click the Add button in the side menu.

  2. Choose a table. Simply click the "..." icon next to a table, and then select the Add from a template option.

  3. Choose a template to continue. You can use the search box to find a particular template. The template will only be shown if it belongs to the table you selected.

  4. Depending on how you configure "Add from form vs. Add directly" either a form will be displayed with prefilled template data for you to fill out, or a record will be created directly with the template data.

Add from table list view

In the Table List View, you can add a new record from a template from the nav bar.

  1. Click the "Add [Table name]" button

  2. A dropdown menu will be opened. Select "+ From a template". Upon clicking, a list of templates specific to the table will appear. The steps for selecting a template are the same as Add from side menu.

Add from detail view

In the record detail view, you can click "Duplicate" button to duplicate a record.

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