Detail View

Edit/View the content of a record

Details of a record can be viewed and modified in the detail view. There are several views (tabs) available:

  • Columns, display the structure data in labels and values.

  • Sections, show a list of sections with unstructured data.

  • Notes, display an editor for quick documentation.

  • Versions, display a list of versions.

  • Activities, display a list of activities.

  • Visitors, display a list of visitors.

  • Permissions, display a list of permissions.

For each table, you can select the view that should be opened by default. By doing so, all records from that table will be opened with the selected view. You may always want "Notes" to be opened by default for experiment records, and "Columns" to be opened by default for sample records.

Open detail view

Open a record by clicking its name in the list view.

Open from the table list view:

  1. Select Tables from the side menu

  2. Select a table

  3. There should be a list of records displayed, click on the name of the record to view the detail

Open from the project list view:

  1. From the side menu, click "Projects / Folders"

  2. Select a project

  3. Click the name of any record to open the detail view

By default, three tabs will be displayed (Columns, Sections, Notes).

Update name

You can change the record name directly by clicking the name. By clicking the name, you will be taken to an input box where you can type your new name. The change will be automatically updated after five seconds.

Update description

You can update the record's description directly by clicking the description field.

Sign the record

Open the Signers tab by clicking the Signers button. Easily add a list of signers and the signers will be able to sign in order. Learn more at Signers.

If there are no signers added, and there is no limit to the minimum number of signers, the Sign button will display as Sign as author. Clicking this button creates a signer in your name and signs the document simultaneously.


The "Duplicate" function lets you duplicate the whole record.


Data generated can be printed out as a PDF file. You can do this by clicking on Print button.

From the left panel, you can configure the final print page. Specially:

  • Hidden sections - Select sections to hide. You can also click the HIDE button on the right panel

  • Should hide columns - Check to hide the columns data

  • Should hide notes - Check to hide the notes

  • Should hide logo - Check to hide the logo from printing

  • Should hide title - Check to hide the title

  • Should hide version - Check to hide the version in the title

  • Should hide commit message - Check to hide the version commit message. Checked on default.

  • Should hide audit trail - Check to hide the timestamp and user information after each section

To view the final page, click Submit.

To download the final page, click Download.

You can save printing settings by clicking Save as default. Default settings can be saved for a specific individual or for an entire organization. The setting priority: 1) URL query, 2) My personnel default, 3) Organization default.

You can include your company logo in the print document. The company logo can be added or changed in Settings -> Organization -> Logo Wordmark.

You can also download PDF files in batch with batch operations.

Open other tabs

Click on Other tabs and then select a tab to open.

Aside from the default tabs, you can also open an individual section in a new tab. The section tabs are displayed at the bottom of the list of tabs.


To comply with FDA 21 CFR part 11, the deletion is prohibited in Labii


To archive a record, set is_archived=true in the Columns view. Archived records are read-only.

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