Columns View

Display the structured data of a record

The record at Labii ELN & LIMS can have as many columns as needed (they can be configured at the Settings -> Tables -> Columns). The list view can only display a certain number of columns based on the limit of the screen size. To display a complete set of the columns, use the column view.

Open columns view

The columns view displays all columns with data. When a record is opened, the Column View can be accessed by simply click the "Column View" from the sidebar:

  1. Click a table to show a list of records

  2. Click a record

  3. Click the column view from the sidebar

Update value

The value of an column can be updated via clicking the "pencil" icon. The read-only value is displayed in the grey color.

Edit metadata

Each record can have its own specific metadata. You can add/edit/delete metadata at the metadata columns.

Metadata can also be managed with the Metadata widget.

Copy value

You can copy the value by clicking the Copy icon.