Display the structured data of a record

The columns view of a record shows the structure data of a record in labels and values. This view is mostly used for inventory management tables.

Open columns view

The Column View can be accessed by simply clicking on the "Columns" tab when a record is opened.

Column groups and types

Columns can be grouped into fixed columns and customizable columns with the following groups.

Fixed columns

The fixed columns are predefined by Labii and are identical for every record regardless of the table. These include:

  • Overview

    • SID - static encrypt ID.

    • UID - unique ID. Syntax: [Unique Code] + [Unique Identify]

    • Version

    • Table

    • Projects

    • Updated by

    • Date Updated

    • Owner

    • Date Created.

  • Metadata

    • Metadata

  • Use this record as a template

    • Is template

  • Archive this record

    • Is archived

Customizable columns

Each table has different customizable columns. A typical experiment table includes the start date, due date, and protocols. These can be added or removed at the table's column settings.

When you use the Subtitle widget, the columns right after will be grouped and displayed separately in both form and columns views.

Edit a column

In the columns view, you can edit the values of editable fields. Editable fields have an "edit" icon on the right.

To edit a column, click the "edit" icon. Different widgets will have different edit interfaces. Click "Submit" to save your changes.

When a record is archived, the "is_archived" filed can still be updated.

When a record is signed and locked, the "projects" field can still be updated.

Edit metadata

Each record can have its own specific metadata. You can add/edit/delete metadata at the metadata columns.

Metadata can also be managed with the Metadata widget.

Copy value

To copy the value of a column, click the copy icon next to a value.

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