Export Labii records to a file


The export functions are table-specific, and can only be accessed under the table list view.

Labii supports two types of exports:

  • Export current page - export all data from the current list view.

  • Export with customization - customize the number of columns, the size, and the type of files you wish to export.

Export current page

The function exports the contents of a list into a .tsv file. To perform the export:

  1. Navigate to the list view

  2. Click the Actions button at the top right

  3. Select the option "Export current page (*.tsv)"

  4. The file will automatically download.

Using a filter or URL parameter will download filtered data.

Export with customization

The customizable export enables you to:

  • The ability to export any number of records. In addition to being able to export one particular page or all records, you can also export specific records.

  • Choose an output format. Various text files can be exported, such as *.tsv, *.csv, and *.txt. *.json and *.hl7 files can also be exported. *.hl7 is currently under development.

  • Customize the columns. You can specify which columns to export.

  • Column names can be customized. Metadata can be used to change column names during the export process. Multiple metadata labels can be used if you have multiple partners that need to have different column names.

  • Combine with other tables. Information from other tables can now be exported via the ForeignKey widget. In the case of a biospecimen generated from a patient, when exporting the biospecimen table, you can include the patient's name, age, gender, etc.

To export at list view:

  1. Navigate to the list view

  2. Click the Actions button at the top right

  3. Select the option "Export with customization"

  4. A new export page will appear

To export with selected records:

  1. Navigate to the list view

  2. Choose one or more records

  3. In the top right corner, click the Actions button

  4. Select the option "Export"

  5. A new export page will appear

Export settings

The following settings can be configured:

  • Records - Number of records to be exported

    • Selected records

    • Current page

    • All

  • Data format - Choose what type of data you want to export

    • *.tsv

    • *.csv

    • *.txt

    • *.json

  • Columns - The columns to export

  • Metadata label - The column metadata can be used to rename a column during export. The original column name will be used if the column metadata is not present.

  • Joined tables - Access data from other tables that are joined through ForeignKeys.

Export preview

You will see a real-time preview table as you change the configuration. This record is shown only as an example. It may not be included in the final export.


Downloading thousands of files takes time. It is possible to reformat a downloaded file with a different data format and column layout after it has been downloaded. Here is how:

  1. Include all columns and export the file in *.json format.

    1. Labii API can also be used to download the *.json file.

    2. You can also use the *.json file created in the backup.

  2. Click the cloud icon to select a *.json file or drag the file into the reformat section

  3. Upon completion of the reformatting process, a new file will automatically be downloaded.

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