Project list view

Display a list of records for a project.


The Project List view of Labii electronic lab notebook (ELN) and laboratory information management system (LIMS) displays a list of records for a project.
If you can see a project, means you already have permission to view all content of the project.
The list view is independent for each project and has the following tabs:
  • Content. Display a list of records for the project as well as the sub-projects.
  • Properties. Project settings. Changes can only be made by administrators.
  • Permissions. Display a list of permissions for the project.

Open project list view

Project list view can be opened by clicking the Projects/Folders from the side menu and then click the project name.
  • Content - Project content displays records from all tables and sub-projects.
  • Properties - Displays all configuration and properties about the project. Learn more
  • Permissions - Displays a list members who can access the project. Learn more
Click + Add to add a record or a sub-project. It will open the same interface as the Add button on the side menu.

Search records

Labii enables you to search for records that match specific keywords quickly through the table list view. Labii supports three types of searches:
Search for the provided term in the name and description. It is fast, but it doesn't return all results that match.
Type in search term and press enter to search. You can also perform the search by clicking the Search button.
Search for the provided term in all the fields. While it is a bit slow, it returns all results that match the term.
Type in search term and click Deep search button.
With advanced search, you can perform searches based on one or many specific fields.
The advanced search allows you to perform searches based on any number of fields.
  • To add a new query, click + Query; to remove a query, click delete.
  • Click Perform advanced search to see the search results. The search results can be saved as a new filter by clicking Save as new filter.
  • To hide the advanced search, click Cancel
Use the advanced search in the table list view if you did not see any table specific columns.
Click Clear button to cancel search.

Filter records

Filters can be applied to the project list view to specify a subset of the results. When a filter is selected, the button name changes to the filter name and the text color changes to teal.
  • All records. Filter to display all records in the project.
  • Active records. Filter to display the active records that is in the project.
  • Archived records. Filter to display the archived records in the project.
  • My records. Filter to display the records created by you.
  • My unsigned records. Filter to display the records that need to be signed by you.
  • Templates. Filter to display list of records as templates.

Filter by tables

The records can be filtered by tables. Click All tables and select a table from the dropdown.

Save as default

If you would like a different view to be loaded when clicking on the project, you can use the Save as default feature.
  • Save as my default
  • Save as project default
Personnel default data will be loaded if both personnel and project levels are saved.
A batch operation is a function or a method that processes multiple experiments in a single operation. Labii supports the batch operations for Editing, Printing, and Downloading. Select one or more experiments to get started.


You can use this method to upload files and create a record at the same time. The uploaded files will be inserted directly into the record's sections/notes.


Labii allows exporting data in the list view to a *.tsv file. Two exporting options are supported:
  • Export current page. Export data that is same as the current list view.
  • Export with customization. Customize the number of records, the columns to be exported