With Labii's notification center, you can stay informed about your ELN & LIMS activities. The notification center lets users send and receive notifications.
  1. 1.
    Administrators can send company-wide messages using the notification center.
  2. 2.
    Users can communicate on a particular experiment or record.
  3. 3.
    Email can be scheduled for CRM users.

Open notifications

From the side menu, click "Notifications" to open the notification center. The side menu also displays the number of new notifications you have received.

New notification

To add a new notification, click "+ Notification". Complete the required fields, then click "Submit".
  • Parent - This notification relates to the current notification. It functions much like the "Reply" feature in an email.
  • To - Choose one or more recipients to send the email to. Only active Labii users can be selected.
  • Teams - Choose one or more teams to receive the email. At least one "To" or "Teams" should be filled out.
  • Name - The subject of the notification
  • Body - Describes what is being communicated. Labii supports rich text formats.
  • Rows - Records associated with this notification. They can be included in the notification body.
  • Should include Rows - Whether the rows should be included in the email body. You might not want to include the rows in a CRM.
  • Should Email - Force an email to be sent. If checked, an email will be sent even if the receivers unsubscribed their email preferences.
  • Date to Send Email - The date on which the email will be sent. If provided, the email will be sent on the specified date.


In the notification center, the inbox displays a list of notifications you have received. By default, the inbox will be opened when you click "Notifications" in the side menu.
An inbox displays columns for "From", "Name", and "Date sent".
Click a notification name to view its details. Unread notifications are bolded.
To view another page of notifications, click the "Load more" button. The number of notifications that are displayed can also be changed by selecting a page size. The pages dropdown menu allows you to navigate to a specific page.


You can access the sent box by clicking "Actions" -> "Sent". You will see a list of notifications you created.
A future date appears under "Date sent" to indicate this is a scheduled message. This message will be sent on that date.

Delete notifications

You can delete notifications from both your Inbox and Sent folders. To delete, click the "delete" icon next to it.
  • A notification deleted from Inbox only removes you from the notification. Other recipients are not affected.
  • The whole notification will be deleted if a notification is deleted from Sent. The recipients will no longer be able to read the notification.