Labii notification center.


A notification is a message that provides the user with reminders, communication from other people, or other timely information from Labii. With Labii's notification center, you can stay informed about your Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) and Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) activities.

Use cases:

  1. Administrators can send company-wide messages using the notification center.

  2. Users can communicate on a particular experiment or record.

  3. Email can be scheduled for CRM users.

List of notifications

From the side menu, click "Notifications" to open the notification center. The side menu also displays the number of new notifications you have received.


In the notification center, the inbox displays a list of notifications you have received. By default, the inbox will be opened when you click "Notifications" in the side menu.


You can access the sent box by clicking Sent tab.

A future date appears under "Date sent" to indicate this is a scheduled message. This message will be sent on that date.

Search notifications

You can search a notification by typing a keyword into the search bar in the notification list view, and then clicking Search. The search results can always be cleared by clicking the Clear button.

Filter notifications

With the Filter function, you can limit the number of backups displayed. You can do that by clicking Unread notifications and then selecting a filter from the dropdown. Here are a list of filters:

  • All notifications. Filter to display all notifications.

  • Read notifications. Filter to display the notifications that has been read.

  • Unread notifications. Filter to display the notifications that is unread.

  • System notifications. Filter to display the notifications that sent from Labii.

Delete all

By clicking the Delete all button, you can delete all notifications. This function can only delete notifications on the current page.


By default, you are subscribed to the notifications, and you will receive an email copy of each notification.

You can subscribe or unsubscribe to the email behavior by clicking the Subscribe or Unsubscribe button. Additionally, you can unsubscribe from Labii's emails by clicking the "unsubscribe" link at the footer.

You will continue to receive communication messages from your colleagues if they make should_email=true when creating a notification.

Notification detail

Click the notification name to view the detail of the notification.

Notification fields

  • Notification

    • Name - The subject of the notification

    • Body - Describes what is being communicated. Labii supports rich text formats.

  • Overview

    • Sid - The Static encrypted identifier of the notification.

    • Parent - This notification relates to the current notification. It functions much like the "Reply" feature in an email.

    • From - The person who created the notification.

    • To - Choose one or more recipients to send the email to. Only active Labii users can be selected.

    • Emails - List the emails you'll send in a comma-separated list.

    • Date to Send Email - The date on which the email will be sent. If provided, the email will be sent on the specified date.

    • Is Read

  • Attachment

    • Rows - Records associated with this notification. They can be included in the notification body.

    • Should include Rows - Whether the rows should be included in the email body. You might not want to include the rows in a CRM.

New notification

To add a new notification, click "+ Add notification". Complete the required fields, then click "Submit".

Delete notifications

You can delete notifications from both your Inbox and Sent folders. To delete, click the "delete" icon next to it.

  • A notification deleted from Inbox only removes you from the notification. Other recipients are not affected.

  • The whole notification will be deleted if a notification is deleted from Sent. The recipients will no longer be able to read the notification.

You can also delete all notifications in one page by clicking Delete all button at the Inbox or Sent.

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