As part of the built-in scanning functionality in Labii, you can search for records or add records using a Barcode / QR code scanner.

All Barcode and QR code scanners available on the market are supported by this function.

Scan page

Through the scan page, you can scan barcodes / QR codes directly using a scanner.

To access scan page, click "Scan" from Navbar.

Once you are in the scan page, you can use your scanner immediately.

Scanning equipment

Labii supports both build-in camera and external commercial scanners.

  • Camera, Scanning barcodes/QR codes can be done using the camera on your laptop/tablet/phone. You have the option to select front or back camera from your mobile device.

  • Scanner, Labii also supports any commercial scanner available on the market. It is as simple as connecting the scanner to your laptop and beginning to scan.

Action after scan

You can configure the action after scan:

  • Append to list, append the result to the right panel.

  • Open in new, open the result in a new tab.

  • Open in current, open the result in the current tab.


ForeignKey and ForeignKeys widgets also have a scanner function that allows you to automatically select records. For example, if you want to assign a storage box to a sample, you can scan the box and the box will be assigned to the sample.

This can be used by opening the ForeignKey(s) widget and scanning a record directly from it.

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