Quick Start

Create your first experiment in 4 steps

Welcome to the Quick Start Guide for Labii ELN & LIMS. Labii helps scientists document, manage, and interpret research data all in one online repository. This guide will walk you through how to create an experiment and add details.

Create your first experiment in 4 easy steps:

  1. Click the ‘Add’ button on the sidebar to open the dropdown menu options. All records including ‘experiment’, ‘protocol’, ‘sample’, and more can be added simply using this menu.

Click Add button to add a record in Labii

Select ‘experiment’ to add a new experiment note in this case. You have the option to change it to other terms that are familiar to you.

Add menu

2. Fill-in the required and optional information in the fields that appear in the Experiment form window.

Add experiment form

NOTE: repetitive experiments can be tagged as ‘templates’ and recalled for later use. Click ‘submit’ to create the new experiment

3. Once submitted, a new experiment record appears with multiple potential sections. The default sections can be configured by your administrators so that they will be added automatically.

The detail view of an experiment.

Click the (+) signs to insert a new section, or click the Add menu on top to add a section at the bottom of the record.

Labii’s Sections work like the apps in your smartphone, each widget presents one set of functions.

The widget list of Add menu

For example:

Select ‘Rich text’ to edit text just like a word document. Click the edit or pencil icon to modify the data in the section, and click the Submit button to save.

Select ‘Table’ to add a new section similar to a spreadsheet table.

Labii ELN & LIMS is expandable with a list of widgets. More can be found by clicking the ‘More Widgets’ option.

NOTE: You do not need to repeat the above steps every time. You can configure the default sections in the Settings and every experiment created will include those sections automatically.

4. Once a new section has been added, you can start entering the content by clicking the Edit icon.

Edit interface of Rich Text Widget