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Widgets at Labii ELN & LIMS is a stand-alone function to edit or process certain pieces of data. Labii as an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) and Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) service provider, introduced widgets to meet the specific requirements for various types of research labs.

Labii ELN & LIMS has over 70+ widgets to choose from and if you’d like to learn more about specific widgets, please click here: https://docs.labii.com/widgets/summary

This documentation demonstrates how to manage and add widgets for a particular organization within Labii ELN & LIMS.

Widget Store

Labii ELN & LIMS has a widget store in which an administrator can view all the widgets available from Labii. This also gives the ability for admins to add/activate new widgets for others in their organization to use as well.

This page will display all the widgets Labii currently has and the ability to make widgets active or inactive for members of an organization. The widget store is evolving weekly with new widgets being added or requested. This is a great place to find new and innovative widgets to help further increase your lab productivity

To navigate to the widget store:

  • Go to settings --> widget store

The widget list page has these fields:

  • Icon - Displays the icon for a particular widget

  • Name - Displays the name for a particular widget

  • Type - either section or column

  • Category - The category for that particular widget; for an example, if it’s an office or productivity category

  • Sub Category - Displays the subcategory of a particular widget.

  • Subscription Price - if your organization is using Labii with the subscription payment method, all widgets provided by Labii is free to use.

  • PPU Price - if your organization is using Labii with the PPU payment method, it will showcase whether or not a widget has a fee associated with it.

  • Status - either active or inactive. Ability to active a widget to allow members in the organization to use or inactive, to block the use of a particular widget for others in an organization.

  • Used by - displays the number of other Labii users who are using that particular widget.

Please note that fees may apply for certain widgets and only administrators can active or inactive widgets for other members in an organization to use or not use

To install a new widget, simply click “active” to install that particular widget. To see the details of a particular widget; ability to see the category, number of users using that widget, plus more. Simply click on the widget you’d like to see the details for.

Widget Detail View

To see the details of any particular widget:

  • Settings --> Widget Store-->Click on any particular widget

The fields are as follows:

  • Icon - Shows the icon of the widget

  • Name - The name of the particular widget

  • Category - Showcases which category this widget belongs too; Labii groups widgets within categories, Productivity, Regulation, Biology, etc.

  • Notes - Short description of the widget

  • Description - Gives a detailed description of the widget and what it enables a user to do by using it

  • Documentation URL - To learn more about the particular widget and to best use, it, visit the URL provided.

  • Use Case - How should the widget be used. Example of usage.

  • Type - It will either be a section or column; depending on the widget

  • Constructor - Type of data to store.

  • Related to - Showcases which other widgets this particular widget is related to

  • Version - displays the current version for a widget

  • Release Date - Displays when the widget has been released

  • Order - Display order of the widget

  • Subscription Price - The price of the widget for each use at the subscription plan.

  • PPU Price - The price of the widget for each use with the PPU model.

  • Used by - Displays the number of users (customers of Labii) who are currently using this particular widget

  • Data - Data structure to save the data for the widget.

  • Default Data - The default data

Manage and Install Widgets

Only administrators within an organization have permission to control what widgets to use for all other users.

To view and manage widgets in use for an organization, go to settings --> click on installed widgets. Only the organization widgets are listed on this page and the following fields are as follows:

  • Icon - the icon for a particular widget

  • Name - the name of the widget in use

  • Type - either section or column; section widgets are used for unstructured data while column widgets are used for structured data, learn more at column type widgets and section type widgets

  • Price - Displays the price for a particular widget

  • Show in Menu - either true or false; if true, that particular widget will display in the dropdown menu

  • Delete - to delete/remove a particular widget

Install Widgets

An administrator can add a new widget for their respective organization by:

  • Click the “+” icon on top of the nav bar or click “add organization widget” from the sidebar to the left.

  • Then select a widget from the dropdown menu

  • Show in Menu - Check this box for the widgets that are often used

Please note, the drop down menu will only display the widgets available for the organization

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