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Easily access your resources with Labii's sidebar menu.

Organization brand

The organization brand enables you to create a unique name and image for an organization. Clicking on the company or organization's image will bring up the organizational settings, which can then be viewed or modified. To learn more about organization settings, click here.

If you upload a logo picture to the Logo Watermark field of the Organization settings, your logo will appear as the organization's brand.

Universal add button

The universal add button in Labii allows you to create a new record, such as an experiment, protocol, file, etc. To add a new record, simply press the green universal add button.

For more information on adding new records, click here.


A dashboard is a representation of your data that can be customized with widgets. For more information on the dashboard, click here.


Labii provides users with notifications, which are messages that include reminders, communication from other users, or other relevant information. The notification center in Labii allows users to stay updated on activities within the ELN/LIMS and unread notifications are displayed in the sidebar menu. For more information on notifications, click here.

Projects / Folders

A project functions as a container for records, similar to a folder. The sidebar displays all the projects that are accessible to the user. The project holds all the related records. For more information on projects/folders, click here.

Applications / Tables

An application is a collection of tables created in Labii for domain-specific data management. Tables serve as individual modules to manage the research data for a particular category. Learn more here.


In the settings interface, all the configurations for your organization can be accessed. Only Administrators have the power to make any changes to the settings. This interface allows you to customize and personalize your organization according to your needs. Learn more about the settings interface here.

Reload organization

Labii preloads some of your account information into the local browser to speed up the user experience. For example, we downloaded all of your tables so that the system does not need to download the data every time a table is clicked. This reload organization allows you to refresh these data and is best used when the project or table has been updated.

Switch organization

This feature allows users with accounts in multiple organizations to choose which organization's Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) and Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) they want to use. For more information, click here.

Collapse sidebar menu

Collapsing the sidebar menu removes it from view on the webpage. To bring it back, press the menu icon located in the top left corner.

Change data center

Labii uses various data centers to store data from different countries and regions. Changing the data center can involve switching the location of a shared, dedicated, or local data center. Learn more here.

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