Provides the attributes of the record

The record at Labii ELN & LIMS can have as many attributes as needed (they can be configured at the Settings -> Tables -> Columns). The list view can only display certain number of attributes based on the limit of the screen size. To display a complete set of the attributes, Labii create the overview to meet the requirement.

Open overview

When a record is opened, the "Overview" can be accessed by simply click the "Overview" from the sidebar.

Edit value

The value of an attribute can be updated via clicking "pencil" icon. The readonly value are displayed at the grey color.

The "pencil" icon only available to the records you are allow to change.

Edit metadata

Each of record can have its own specific metadata. You can add/edit/delete metadata at the metadata columns.

Metadata can also be managed with the Metadata widget.

Copy value

Labii built-in default copy function. You can copy the value by clicking the Copy icon.