Default Sections

Sections can be added for each record. The default section can be defined so that these sections can be added automatically when a new record is created.
List of default sections

Add a section

Click the "+" at Settings -> Tables -> Sections to add a section.
  • Widget - The widget to use. Check out Settings -> Widgets for more details of each widget. Please try not to change the widget, data from one widget does not compatible with the other.
  • Name - Name of the section
  • Description - Description or help text of the section
  • Order - Display order of the current section
  • Data - Default data to display
How does the data of a table section different from organization default section data?
Both can create default data for a section. The major difference is: organization default data can be created for any sections, while the section data can only be applied to the default sections.

Edit section

Mouse over a section and click the "edit" icon to update a column.

Change the order of sections

The order of columns can be changed via dragging a column to a different position. You can also update the value of the section order.
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