Permission Settings


Permission control is controlled by Members, Teams, Projects.

Permission Control
  • Administrators have the permission to config the account.

  • Managers of a project can change the settings of a project, and invite/grant permissions to other members.

  • Members can view/edit/add records to a project.

  • Guests only have view permissions to a project.

View limitations

Members can only view the records from the projects that they have permission.

  • If a user is not added to a project, all data from that project is not visible to the user.

  • If a user does not below to any project, the user can not see any records.

Administrators can view all records, even they are not added to a project. However, the administrators could not edit the records if they are not added to a project.

Terminate user access

When an employee left the company, the administrators can block the user's access by changing is_archived=true.

  • Once archived, the user will not have access to any records.

  • Once archived, all data created by the user will stay untouched.

  • Once archived, the seat can be used for other users.