Location Map

Display map of a location


When a location is created to manage the samples, it is critical to know what is stored at each location. The Location Map at Labii ELN & LIMS provides such functions. The widget shall only used in the Location table.

Location Map

Before start

Here are required settings at Labii to enable Location Map to work:

  • Tables:

    • location - the location table

    • samples, reagents, etc. - other tables that are using location

  • Columns

    • location/parent - the parent location of the current location

    • location/columns - number of columns in the location

    • location/rows - number of rows in the location

    • location/position - the position of the current location in parent location

    • samples, reagent, etc/location - a ForeignKey to point to location table

    • samples, reagent, etc/position - the position of the item in the location

Create a table with type Location can create all required tables/columns automatically.


Labii accepts the position in the following format:

  • RxCx, wheres, R as Row, and C as Column. For example R2C3, means the row 2 and column 3

  • Xx, wheres, X as Row, and x as Column. For example B3, means the row 2 and column 3

The excel layout (Row as number, and Column as letter) and 96-well plate layout (Row as letter, Column as number) have the opposite means of B3. To reduce the confusing, Labii here use RxCx as default position format, and parse Xx with the layout of 96-well plate.


There are a few columns need to be provided before the widget can work properly.

  • rows

  • columns

Click the edit icon to select the correct columns for the rows and columns.

View what's inside

Once set up, the widget will show all items (other locations, samples, reagents, etc.) inside each cell. Each of item is clickable, and more details can be revealed on the new tab.

Add to the location

Click "+" inside a cell to add a location/sample/reagent/etc to the location, the window will return back once added.